Sneak Peak of Next Week’s Fashion Show

What happened to your old scratched vinyl records?  What do you do with the stash of raffle tickets that didn’t win?  How about the plastic bags stuffed in the garage?

Find them in these incredible trash fashion photos taken last Saturday night at Tambi Lane Photography – the first public Rubbish Renewed preview photo session.  Not only cutting edge in style, these garments re-envision trash into sustainable, wearable art.  Come out tomorrow night (December 2nd) for 1st Friday.  You may catch a glimpse of a few pieces making their red carpet debut. Find them around town or at TBD Loft for this year’s Trash Transcendence Community Created Garment.

Garments designed by: 1) Lloyd McMullen; 2) Cecile Cuddihy; 3-4) Sarabella; 5) Mohave Woodson; 6/8) Rowan Varvais; 7) N. Spekktor; 9-10) Panambi Opazo Elliott;  11-13) Alicia Renner (Horned Hand Business Challenge)  + Stuart Breidenstein (necklace); 14) Astacia Christenson

photos by: Tambi Lane Photography  |  541.390.7666  |

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