The Coveted Trash Trophy

Panambi Opazo Elliot with the Trash Trophy

Which business will win the coveted trash trophy this year?

Last December at the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show, we featured our first ever Business Challenge.  6 businesses showcased their creativity and dedication to sustainability parading their waste along the runway.  The competition between ReStore, Wabi Sabi, the Environmental Center, Cuppa Yo, UtilituSEW and the Horned Hand ended in a tight race.  In the end Panambi’s vivacious Cuppa Yo piece prevailed to win the first ever coveted trash trophy!

This year we will feature 8 businesses. ReStore and Wabi Sabi return to the competition, with the Workhouse, Spa-W, Barrio, Rescue, Sounds Fast, and Strictly Organic ready for the challenge.

Who will be the winner this year?  Come and cast your ballot, it’s the audience who decides.

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