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The turn in the weather here in Bend initiates a switch in my brain to focus on some of the inside passions I’ve been neglecting.  The crisp air, the sudden deluge of rain, the yellow-orange sumac leaves in my yard get me thinking about texture, color & design.Image

Last week, with a mug of mint tea in hand, I logged onto my laptop and began scrolling through my Pinterest “boards.”  Although I don’t have a TV, nor a cell phone, I do love my internet.

I started with texture as my first “board” on Pinterest, a place where I store images I’ve snatched from others that inspire the sense of touch.  Another topic in my collection is color, storage for visually vibrant pictures, and a third “board” focuses on positive and negative space.  I use these virtual “boards” to gather and hold inspiration.  I also “pin” fashion.  Dresses, details, rubbish, all of it. Image

Access to inspiration has skyrocketed with the Internet offering instant gratification. It’s transformed my process.  However, I did just buy a massive fashion magazine.  There’s something about flipping through the glossy pages, cutting my fingers, and the perfume sneezes that make me smile.

The last few evenings after work I’ve been down in my sewing cavern, a mug of hot tea on the shelf, an audio book playing in the background, my Pinterest “boards” open, exploring materials, shapes, color and design. Getting inspired.  Image

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