NEW DATE: Thursday, January 16th, 2014


This winter’s Rubbish Renewed Eco-Fashion Show Thursday, January 16th, 2014

With the loss of the Century Center as an indoor event venue, Rubbish Renewed set out, last spring, on a quest for a new space.  We explored dozens of spots, all with different assets and challenges.  Although not quite ready to reveal our decision, we have narrowed our search to several intriguing locations.  This exciting announcement is imminent.

The venue search has created the opportunity for us to try a less hectic time that we always wondered about.  January16th has many of the desirable aspects of our December date.  We are holding onto our coveted, winter Thursday; late enough in the week for a good party, but doesn’t conflict with weekend getaways.  Our pre-show photo shoot will happen again with a chance for a sneak peak prior to the event (also to be revealed soon).

A January date offers new prospects too.  Later in the winter allows artists more time creating.  For me, I loathe to be inside during the summer and fall, when I need to be starting my garments.  As the weather changes the sewing cave calls.  Artists often have numerous opportunities at the holidays to showcase their wares; January opens up new timing in an often-slow month.  January is also a lull in “our” social calendar, a time when a festive, fashion forward affair will entice the community out to play.

So, take a breath. Enjoy the extra time.  And look forward to our upcoming venue announcement.  And for Artist, Business Challenge prospects, and Marketplace vendors, paperwork will be posted Monday, October 14th on our blog under the submission forms tab.

Save the date!  Thursday, January 16th, 2014

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