Remember the Runway in 2011 . . .

RubbishRenewedRunway_2011-2007Remember year 2 . . .

  • When we had our first business challenge garments battling it out on the runway from ReStore, Wabi Sabi, Cuppa Yo, The Horned Hand, Utilitu Sew and the Environmental Center?
  • When there were 11 pieces made my middle and high school students?
  • When Panambi arrived on the Rubbish Renewed scene and blew our minds?
  • When the list of unique materials included:
    • A kiddy pool
    • Cone holders and spoons
    • Capri Sun containers
    • Maps
    • Egg cartons
    • Cat food bags
    • Slides and photo negatives
    • 45 vinyl records
    • Candy wrappers
    • Toilet paper tubes
    • Tickets
    • Window blinds
    • Bicycle tubes and shop rags
    • Paper bags, newspaper & magazines
    • Burlap

    Check out the newly posted Gallery, Runway 2011, featuring the garments from our second year!

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