Part 2: Remember 2012

Remember year 3 . . .


  • When Coffee refuse was the base for 3 outfits: 2 students and one of Panambi’s?
  • When one designer made the only pants of the show. 1 of bicycle tubes and 1 of only discarded zippers?
  • When plastic bags were woven into a fine twill fabric that was unrecognizable?
  • When bowling shoes were a stable corset?
  • When our MC walked the runway in an auction item?
  • When there were 2 umbrellas made into garments?
  • When comic book pages were manipulated into beads for an intricate dress?
  • When Pokeman cards transformed into samurai armor?

 Check out the newly posted Gallery, Runway 2012 Adult Designers, featuring the rest of the garments from last year!

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