Boneyard Beer – Debris Demolisher

Skull and wrench guy tee templateThe biggest way I lessen my impact on the environment is to focus my purchasing power locally.  This makes my carbon footprint significantly smaller, especially if I ride my bike or walk to buy it.

Lucky for me, Boneyard Beer is walking distance from my house. An afternoon stroll in the hood often ends in a visit to the tasting room, a hole in the wall in a neighborhood industrial building.  A growler only spot, no bottles, no cans, less impact.

Boneyard was started with one goal I mind: Make a great beer!  To overcome the hurdle of making large quantities without large sums of money, they forged the brewery from beer rendering rubbish, a perfect fit with our Rubbish Renewed mission.

Boneyard 1Lucky for Rubbish Renewed they have supported us since our beginning.  Year two, when we ran out of beer, they hurried home to the warehouse and snatched up another keg.  All the proceeds benefited REALMS!  Thanks Boneyard for your generosity.

This year Boneyard is not only supporting us with beer they are entered in the Business Challenge vying for trash fashion glory!  Check out Boneyard Beer at the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show. It’s local, uses repurposed equipment, and it’s delicious.

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