2014 Adult Designer Gallery Posted!

Designer:  Kassy Windus Materials: Magazines & cardboard

Designer: Kassy Windus
Materials: Magazines & cardboard

Our runway submissions have come a long way since our first Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show in 2010. Last year our adult designers outdid themselves in their use of unique materials, fabrication techniques and their ability to reconsider the value of trash!  Sculpted pieces emerged constructed from: vinyl & cloth blinds; almond milk & chicken broth boxes; cider carbonating bladders; magazines & cardboard; and climbing webbing remnants. On the softer side materials included: old oil painting canvases; dryer sheets; crocheted plastic bags; refurbished scrap natural materials; woven & stuffed plastic grocery bags; fishing net, San Pelagrino foil & shelf felt; and bike inner tubes.

Check out the new Runway 2014 Adult Designer gallery posted today! Runway photos by Tambi Lane Photography.

Coming soon the 2014 Student Designer Gallery!

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