Behind the Scene Designer Series: Artist 2 – Sara Wiener & Karlin Hedin

For our second artist, in our Behind the Scene Designer Series, we have the design team from Sara Bella Upcycled: Sara Wiener & Karlin Hedin. Sara Bella Upcycled has been a supporter of Rubbish Renewed since our inception when Sara donated bags for under the seat prizes. Each year Sara Bella Upcycled has participated as a Marketplace Vendor, Adult Designer or Business Challenge Designer. We love having this creative team transforming trash, inspiring community for a sustainable earth.

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Artist 2 – Sara Wiener & Karlin Hedin


SARA BELLA UPCYCLED Business Challenge
Materials: shoe rubber
Photo: Tambi Lane Photography

RR: What do you do in real life when you’re not designing and creating trash fashion?

SB:  Mom, ski, workout, run Sara Bella Upcycled

RR: How did you get started as a trash fashion designer?

SB:  I opened Sara Bella Upcycled and decided to make wearable pieces out of plastic bags.

RR: What inspires your creations?

SB:  Various types of everyday clothing and event specific clothing, such as a wedding dresses, raincoats, chaps, vests, strapless dresses and boustiers, inspire me. Karlin and I collaborate on our designs. I design the fabric and she sews the garment. We work as a team on all of our creations at Sara Bella Upcycled and we love what we do.

RR: What is your current goal as a Trash Fashion Designer?

SB:  My hope is to get enough plastic wrap from the SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises) menstrual pads packaging to make a fashion piece out of. This would be a special way of acknowledging the amazing work SHE does in Rwanda for girls and women and to acknowledge my daughter’s (Bella) work to raise $50-60 thousand dollars for SHE through the Kilimanjaro SHE Climb in June of 2015.


Materials: Fused plastic bags
Photo: Tambi Lane Photography

This year Bend’s Makers District is one of three headline sponsors for Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show.  The Makers District, located on First and Second streets between Greenwood and Olney avenues, is a collection of local companies in a semi-industrial but accessible city neighborhood. Sara Bella Upcycled is part of this inspired District.

Follow the links below for two other inspired trash fashion pieces created by Sara Bella Upcycled for Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show.  2011, 2010

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