“What one action can I take to lower my impact on the planet?”

First Friday, Community Garment Creation


The number of miles of new ribbon (more than enough to wrap around the planet – and tie a decorative bow, of course) that shoppers wouldn’t have to buy if every family in the country reused just two feet of trimmings from previous years.   To keep the ribbon of Christmases past from getting creased, wrap them around a paper towel tube and secure with masking tape.


2011 Community Garment
Materials: Surgical Drape & Soda can bottoms

The Rubbish Renewed Community Garment offers a place to take a personal step towards walking more lightly on the planet. What will you do to generate less waste? Consume less? Ask yourself, “What one action can I take to lower my impact on the planet?”  Make a pledge. Start today.

You can help create the 2014/15 Community Garment at the Rubbish Renewed table at December’s First Friday (December 5th) at Hot Box Betty, (903 NW Wall St). Write your pledge for action directly on the tin can lids.  Your pledge along with all the pledges collected in Bend will be featured prominently on the 2014 Community Garment at the January 15th Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show at The Bend Armory. Rubbish Renewed Community Garment 2014/5 By the Bend Community That’s YOU!

Designer:  The Bend Community Materials:  Bicycle Tubes,

2013/14 Community Garment
Materials: Bicycle Tubes, Minty Blaster holes (a manufacturing by-product)

At First Friday also witness the first Rubbish Renewed past trash fashion live wax museum. Learn how some artists are inspired to lessen their waste by reconsidering the value of trash and transforming rubbish into wearable art.

2012 Community Garment
Materials: Sun Umbrella, Tyvek snowflakes & packaging

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