RR Student Designers in Action

Friday I captured this time-lapse in the REALMS Rubbish Renewed Elective.  Look closely in this 30 second video to see 5 different students using these 2 sewing machines to complete garments!  Check out their quotes below to see what a few students learned while creating garments to submit to the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show.

I learned:
  • How to use a sewing machine.
  • When something falls apart, cry for a minute, then get back up and keep working.
  • To see shapes differently. I can make 2-D pieces fit 3-D people.
  • That good design takes time.
  • How to go from nothing into something.
  • Fashion can be sustainable.
  • To really look at materials to see what they can become.
  • That through my actions, I can make a difference for the earth.

(Sewing machines were purchased 2 years ago from Rubbish Renewed fundraising proceeds.  All 6th graders now have a chance to learn to use a sewing machine)!

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