Get Inspired!

Summer is not my time for designing. I want to be outside, playing in our magical home. FaIMG_0371ll, however, shifts my brain to creativity. And with that, trash fashion. Prepping my work-space is the first step. Then I play with materials.

My middle nephew came from Belgium this spring for a visit, and with a Bend local he’d met when visiting as a teenager, he enjoyed some Central Oregon fun: a little boating on local rivers, and exploring the areas that surround Bend. East of town they found their way to a spot where locals target shoot. The remnants of shotgun shells covered the dry dusty, midden-like site, an archaeological find uncovering some history of the region. TIMG_0589hey gathered up a bag full of refuse, bringing me a new material to explore.


What trash will you find? What will inspire you this year?

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