2015 Adult Runway Gallery Posted!

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6626 copy

True Contours
Designer: Karen Holm
Materials: slide sleeves & topo maps

As luck would have it, I get to peruse Tambi Lane Photography runway photos from last year’s Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show.  Thumbing through the images immediately brought me back to the green room on the evening of January 15th. . . Examining the garments up close illuminates the quality of construction and the intricacy of work (manifested in many hours) that goes into manipulating rubbish into fashion. Textures and tricky techniques abound. Our goal is to continue to push designers in material choices (see post Organic Matter isn’t Rubbish), uniqueness of design and quality construction.

Check out the new Runway 2015 Adult Designer Runway gallery, posted today! Runway photos by Tambi Lane Photography.

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