Runway Application


D E C E M B E R   7th,  2 0 18

The application is  here for the most innovative fundraising event in Bend, the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show!  Aspiring designers have until Friday, December 7th to get their submissions in for a possible spot on this year’s runway.  This is a juried show.  Please make sure to read and follow the rules and guidelines below.  Space on the runway is limited.  Each year, we receive more applications than spaces available on the runway.


  1. Complete Application (LINK HERE)
  2. Pay Application Fee
  3. Submit 3 quality photos and/or sketches


  • Adult Application:  $20
  • Student Application:  $10


  • Runway entries may be submitted as either Trash Fashion or Re-fashion
  • Entries will be juried (exception made for Business Challenge entries).
  • Jury is made up of three community members.
  • Jury will use the information you provide in the Runway Submission Form combined with your most detailed photos and/or sketches to determine your admittance.  If your garment is still “in progress”, send in photos of the garment in progress.  The jury will only be able to use the photos and information provided in your completed application if received before the deadline.
  • Artists may submit up to 3 garment submissions.
  • No more than 2 pieces will be selected from a single artist (exceptions made for Business Challenge participants).
  • All jury decisions are final.
  • Artists will be notified within one week of the application deadline by email.  If your garment is selected, it will be for one show only with exceptions made for Business Challenge participants and live auction items, which will be featured in both shows.


  • New materials and items beyond 10% of the overall garment
  • Unsafe materials such as those that give off fumes, chemicals, or particulate matter
  • Materials that are sharp or poorly fastened to a garment
  • Live plant materials and/or organic matter (Read more HERE about our stance on organic matter)


The Rubbish Renewed jury will be reviewing your application, using the following four criteria.

  1. Mission – Is your garment furthering the Rubbish Renewed Mission?  Does the description of your garment and piece communicate:  Transforming trash, inspiring community for a sustainable earth
  2. Materials – Does your garment fit the trash fashion and/or re-fashion definitions above?  Does your garment transform trash into fashion?
  3. Design – Does your garment communicate a coherence in design, an innovative technique, unique aesthetics, and creative expression?
  4. Construction – Do you demonstrate quality in construction?  Does your construction quality inspire long-term use?


  • You will be admitted to event free of charge
  • You will receive one complimentary ticket for a guest for the show where your garment is on the runway
  • You can provide your own model or receive one from us (with advance notice, Rubbish Renewed can help find a model for you / indicate your need on your application form)
  • Your model will be admitted to event free and will receive one complimentary ticket for a guest for the show where they model your garment.
  • You (and your model) will be expected to attend the required dress rehearsal on Thursday, January 24th, 2019 (6-7:30pm)


  • Rubbish Renewed will auction 6-8 garments during the show.  If you are interested in donating your piece to our auction, indicate this on your electronic application form.  Our jury will make final decisions on auction items, and if selected, your application fee will be returned.
  • Auction artists are promoted as supporters of local arts education.

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