2018 Business Challenge Gallery Posted!

Click on the photo to access the Business Challenge Gallery. Photo by Joy Mitsui

Five Business Challenge participants are already confirmed for the January 25th 2019 Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show! Each year up to 10 businesses, dedicated to sustainable practices, come together to celebrate sustainability, support REALMS education, and compete for the Coveted Trash Trophy.

Who will be back? What new businesses are to come? In several weeks we will reveal this year’s competitors.

At our 2018 show, ReStore won the Coveted Trash Trophy with Chain, Chain, Chain! ReStore has competed in all 7 of our Business Challenges, with innovative, show stopping designs. Check out their piece along with the other competitors in the 2018 Business Challenge Gallery.

The Business Challenge submission closes when the competition is full. Get your application in today!

What will walk the runway this year?

What will walk the runway this year?

The Rubbish Renewed planning crew is super excited for the 5th annual show!  We know you are planning your garment, honing your design, and stumbling upon innovative materials to use (4 weeks until the submission deadline). We love seeing new designs on the runway and the creative touch it takes to transform commonly discarded items into unrecognizable beauty.

If you are on Instagram and want to give us a sneak peak, use the #rubbishrenewed to share photos of your work in progress.


Velvet – Debris Demolisher

At the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show there is more than fabulous trash fashion.  The spectacle of the runway is coupled with a unique Bend energy making it the hippest party in town.

Part of the character is created by delivering delicious local libations including Boneyard Beer, Bend Distillery‘s Crater Lake Vodka, Kombucha Mama & Crazy Dave’s Ginger Brew.  And thanks to Velvet, they are all serveVelvetLogod up with style and professionalism.   I can’t wait to taste what Cory Hamilton has in store for the evening’s signature drink.


This is Velvet’s 3rd year supporting Rubbish Renewed. It’s a great match.  Check out their hole-in-the-wall locale downtown on Wall Street.  Modern decor, original drinks, friendly service, yummy food and great music fuse together during a typical evening at Velvet. Owned by local woman Cori Hamilton, Velvet is a must do for a truly lovely, local experience.

Men and Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show

When I first shared the idea with men I know, there was an undercurrent of grumblings, “fashion, that’s for women” . . . “Nothing there for me” . . . “Whatever” . . . That first year we suppressed these objections, focusing our time getting the event up and running. But by year 2, we realized how energized the men who came to the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show found themselves wrapped in the experience.

The event is creative, it’s edgy, using crazy materials to create visual splendor grounded in sustainability, worn by real people with personalities.  The “models” present an image revealed by merging aesthetics, vision, trash and action – living art.  It’s not a bunch of unrealistically, skinny-stiff bodies, wearing things that distort the women’s figure.

The spectacle of the runway is coupled with a unique Bend energy.  Local libations including beer from Boneyard, a brewery forged from beer rendering rubbish, Kombucha Mama, Crazy Dave’s Ginger Brew and Bend Distillery’s Crater Lake Vodka; cool music with sound from Sonic Solutions; a local artists, gallery-style marketplace, including the likes of Stuart Breidenstein’s jewelry, and Workhouse artists.

No matter what your impression of fashion, your ideas will be transformed by this forward-thinking event.  Hey guys don’t write this off.   Maybe next year you’ll even want to model on the runway.

First Friday Flash Mob

Boneyard Limo

Friday night the Boneyard Limo crawled around downtown sheltering a “red carpet” flash mob.  At the first stop in front of Bellatazza, the limo delivered 3-models, a press core and assistants who rolled out the carpet and held back the crowd.  Cameras flashing and models posing, the screaming crowd persisted for several minutes before the 13 members of the mob disappeared into the stretch station wagon.  Models donned trash fashion from Sara Bella’s fused plastic bag wedding dress, to a cat food bag party dress by Kaci Alderin.  The

mob ended the evening at TBD Loft transforming into a live window display.   What a night!

Just 4 more days until the Show!