Birth of Rubbish Renewed – Part 2: the Covert Creation of Show 1


Click on the image for the 2010 Runway Gallery

In 2010 we blindly stumbled our way into the Bend community. Administrators and colleagues warned us not to take on such a foolish project, but powered by a growth mindset, we covertly gathered together a few creative and talented friends to fill the opening voids of planning and marketing a runway show event. We believed in the mission, and surely the cause, so what was to stop us!

Lucky for us, people and businesses glommed on to the idea! The Century Center provided the perfect venue – huge open space, a modular stage and few rules. Sponsors jumped in: ReStore, the Environmental Center, Camp Nor’wester, RR_Logo_onlyand Sara Bella supported with funds; Boneyard and Plum crafted our bar; and Tambi Lane Photography took marketing portraits and offered to shoot the show. We came up with a name, and friends suggested we create an image and a tag line for people to recognize. We got some media on board with the Source, True North Parenting Magazine, and Abracadabra printed our posters. And we pulled together a unique market place of local like-minded artists to add to the evening event. Then all we had to do was produce a show . . .

As the momentum grew, so did our fear of failure. We scrambled to the last minute and opened with one runway. Link here to the 2010 Gallery showing pieces that made this first event the catalyst to what we are today. Enjoy our humble beginnings.

Here are a few images from our photo shoot at Tambi’s several weeks before the show.

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Click here for Birth of Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show – Part 1


The Green Room: Styling at its Best

What happens behind the scenes is essential to a professional looking show. When Rubbish Renewed began, we knew that good styling was the “frame” that highlighted the art on the runway. This meant, if we wanted our event to be taken seriously, we needed to create some fantastic “frames.” Luckily, Allison Murphy jumped in early with a stylist’s eye. She shaped the vision and we all scrambled to find a smattering of talented, volunteer hair and makeup specialists to fashion them. Now, 9 years later, we have a team of professionals with Bishops and Bombshell Lashes creating the backdrop for each unique piece!

Get ready for the 2019 Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show,

Friday, January 25th!

We walk our talk.


In 2015, where we saw crowds of close to 800 people, we generated a 1/4 can of trash. Two of Rubbish Renewed organizers got into the bin at the end of the night, on top of the ONLY trash of the night, to prove it!

We educate, we inspire, and we walk our talk.  From the beginning, hosting a large-scale event with little environmental impact has been a core part of our mission.  How do we host a fundraising event with crowds of close to 1,000 people in the course of an evening and not generate a ton of trash?  We consult the experts.  ReThink Waste and Bend Garbage and Recycling are two sponsors who help us get as close as we can to zero waste.  Bend Garbage and Recycling provide the bins and service, while ReThink Waste runs and trains the crowd at the event, helping them sort their waste accordingly.zero_waste_station

As you can see from the photo above, we’ve been successful!

Rubbish Renewed continues to divert a ton of trash from the landfill.  Last year, Rubbish Renewed achieved their 2015 goal and again only filled 1/4 can full of trash. This has been possible by supportive sponsors, socially conscious participants, and policies and structures (such as mandating compostable serving ware throughout the event) that ensure we continue to divert waste from the landfill, instead of contribute to it.

Now in 2017, where we will see crowds on Thursday night of well over 1,000 people, wait to see if we can fit all three organizers in the 35-gallon bin destined for the landfill.

View the full video from 2015 on our Facebook page.

Rubbish Renewed is more than just a show!

eatIn addition to the two runway shows at 6:00pm (doors at 5pm; all ages) and 8:30pm (doors at 7:30pm; 21+), the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show Fundraiser has more to offer its guests.  The doors open for each of our two shows one hour before the show’s start time.  Come early to enjoy delicious food from Barrio Restaurant’s Food Truck , shop in the Pop Up Marketplace and Silent Auction, and enjoy a local beverage from one of two drink service areas.  Thank you to the following beverage sponsors:   Boneyard Beer,  Atlas Cider, and Bend Distillery.

Do you have your tickets?



Bishops Barbershop rockin' the hair styling

Bishops Barbershop rockin’ the hair styling

The jury is in; the 5th annual Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion show was the best ever! More fun, more energy and more style. We couldn’t have done it without the nimble hands of the stylists from Bishops Barbershop and Posh Salon & Spa.  The green room pulsed with creative garment connections, slick cohesion and quick turnaround. More than 40 models, styled masterfully, walked the runway to the upbeat music from Flip Flop Sounds.

A few of our sponsors also set the style tone:

Posh Solon brightening faces.   Models Autumn Weeks  & Caleb Campbell

Posh Solon brightening faces.
Models Autumn Weeks & Caleb Campbell

Urban Orchid provides a wide array of services from relaxing facials, trust-worthy brow design, to hydrating spa manicures and pedicures.

Lulu’s Boutique has an eye for what people like and is truly passionate about bringing great style and reasonably priced fashion to Bend.

Plantlife Clothing an organic design based company, strives to show the beautiful relationship between natures geometric patterns and the forces and frequencies that bind us all.

Wabi Sabi sells Cool Japanese Stuff.  A quote from Yelp states, “The best collectibles! Japanese decor, toys, and gifts. Really nice staff. I loved this store!”

Looking at the runway from the DJ perspective of Flip Flop Sounds.

Looking at the runway from the DJ perspective of Flip Flop Sounds.

The Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show showcases how we “fashion” our lives while lessening waste. Thanks to all of our sponsors (linked on the side bar), designers, models, marketplace vendors, and volunteers for making it the best show ever!

A special thanks to Kimberly Harwood, Misa Olsen & others who jumped in to help facilitate a chic and timely styling.


Rubbish Renewed 2012 Cascades A&E Photos by Tambi Lane Photography

Rubbish Renewed 2012
Cascades A&E
Photos by Tambi Lane Photography

Tomorrow night is the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show, and it’s crunch time. Luckily this spectacular show and fundraising event is organized and supported by creative, passionate, artistic, and environmentally conscious people!  LOTS OF PEOPLE. Remarkably, during the 11th hour scramble, a passion for the planet remains at the heart of everything we do. Volunteers, designers, models, marketplace vendors, food carts and sponsors carry our mission, Transforming Trash and inspiring community for a more sustainable earth, skillfully.

All of our sponsors speak to this mission, with some of them, having it at the forefront of their work.

ReThink Waste Station

ReThink Waste Station

ReThink Waste//Environmental Center, tomorrow night, will help us make sure we minimize our impact with the Zero Waste Station. Our goal is to keep working toward being the most sustainable event in town!

Bend Electric Bikes is inspiring more people to commute without a car. The electric assist, makes the daily trek, from dropping kids at school, commuting to work, to shopping, accessible to everyone.

Camp Nor’wester has, for 80 years, inspired young people to live in connection with their natural environment and the people around them and put these skills into practice for sustainable living throughout their life.

Join other socially conscious businesses and individuals for an evening of sustainable fashion, showcasing styles that the future demands.  We invite you to reconsider the value of trash and celebrate the creative, sustainable spirit of Bend.

Refuse Remover: Bend’s Makers District

The Rubbish Renewed mission embraces actions to lower our impact on the planet. Whether you rethink Bend's Makers Districtyour use of waste, support businesses who put sustainability and equity at the forefront of there work, or use your consumer dollars to shop locally, each of these actions improves the sustainability of our community. Our new headline sponsor, Bend’s Makers District, fits this mission perfectly.

Located at the center of our Bend universe, on First and Second streets between Greenwood and Olney avenues, Bend’s Makers District is a collection of eclectic local enterprises in a semi-industrial but accessible city neighborhood. This up and coming district has everything to meet your sustainable, creative consumer needs.

Bend Hoops is dedicated to providing access for anyone (especially youth) to come and find a pick-up game or a path to competitive basketball.

Bend Velo is a unique bike shop, geared towards building and providing practical bikes for the general public, including repurposed rebuilds.

Central Oregon Trophies is a family owned business that puts community at the center of service.

Far Afield Cider was born from having enough of the corporate world and a desire to create something locally in the best place, Bend.

At the heart of Humm Kombucha is a calling “to care for their community and spread health, love and joy to all things they touch.”

Locavore educates, and improve access for, the Central Oregon community, about the health and social benefits of fresh, nutritious food that is sustainably produced locally.

Natural Edge Furniture makes natural edge peices from salvaged, recovered and recycled materials.

Rack-N-Roll offers easy access to Bend’s local adventures with all types of gear carrying storage.

Sara Bella Upcycled creates upcycled, stylish products from handbags to fashion wear made from plastic bags that would otherwise have been thrown in the trash.

Soul Bowl makes a whole foods lunch that is satisfying, filling, easily digested and nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

utilitu sewing & design  Allison Murphy employs innovation, efficiency, and relevant design skills to alter, repair, create, and design.

Check out ‘Maker’s March’ during the month of March, which will be a series of DIY events scattered throughout the district, hosts paired with artists and people invited to participate in a hands on activity.
Bend’s Makers District will also by vying for the Coveted Trash Trophy in our 4th Business Challenge!


Local Libations, food carts, and mason jars for beverages this year!


Graphic Design: Allison Murphy Printing by Dan Wellisch; Owner of Flash Ink

Rubbish Renewed is a truly local event!  A fundraiser for a local charter school rooted in Bend since 2001, REALMS Charter School, artists and models from Central Oregon, local food carts (The Pizza Cart, Bethyln’s Global Fusion, Shred Town), and even down to our beverage service, beverage choices and newly branded Rubbish Renewed mason jars printed by a local company, Flash Ink.  When it comes to beverages, we know that everyone has their loyalties and favorites.  We can ensure, with the diversity of local businesses supporting this event, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

We are thrilled and thankful to welcome back many businesses that have supported this grassroots endeavor since 2010.  We have Velvet back for the 5th year, providing our drink service for both shows.  They will be serving Boneyard Beer, cocktails made from the finest vodka, Crater Lake Vodka produced by Bend Distillery , wine from Naked Winery, Far Afield Cider, the newest Bend cidery, and Humm Kombucha.

As we continue to work towards “zero waste” with the help of Rethink Waste, we have Rubbish Renewed branded mason jars to purchase for $8 at the event. People will get $1 off each drink with a jar purchase.  From the talent behind the show, the artist’s marketplace, the local food and drink, we sought a local company to brand our new drinking jars and couldn’t be happier working with Dan at Flash Ink.  His responsiveness and desire to beat any online company made it an easy sell for us to once again go local.

So why local?  We all know that it has become increasingly cheaper to buy distantly produced goods, despite the increased costs of packaging and transport.   Here are some shocking stats & quick facts about buying local goods.

  • Aircraft transport has greater fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions per mile than any other mode of transport.
  • Transportation by shipping produces emissions of 1 billion metric tons of CO2 and uses 11 billion gallons of fuel per year internationally.
  • The EPA reports that trucks spend 3,221 of their 6,816 hours on the road each year at an idle. 1.2 billion gallons of fuel and about 200,000 tons of nitrous oxides are expended each year by transport trucks idling at rest stops.

We hope to see you at the show next week!  Remember to come early to grab a seat, drink, food from local food carts, shop in our local marketplace, and enjoy our eco-silent auction.



Refuse Remover: Sonic Solutions

Runway snapshot at the Armory.  Sonic Solutions set the mood with stage, lighting and sound.

Runway snapshot at the Armory. Sonic Solutions set the mood with stage, lighting and sound.

How lucky are we, at Rubbish Renewed, to have Sonic Solutions as one of our headline sponsors? With all the contraptions that we need to pull off this spectacular event, including the stage, lighting, sound system and general spectacularness, we would have no idea how to go about it. Sonic Solutions has been instrumental behind the scenes for Rubbish Renewed each year. They create the underlying canvas for the artists to adorn. Thanks Sonic Solutions for elevating us to the level of professionalism that even Snoop Dog and Taj Mahal come to expect!

Sonic Solutions provides high quality live audio systems, concert lighting and back line rentals for national touring artist, regional acts, local musicians, dj’s, festivals, weddings, and corporate events.

Buy your tickets today for the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show on January 15th. Purchase tickets by using the link-button to the right of this post, or by going to REALMS School, Wabi Sabi Downtown, or Utilitu Sew and Design in the Makers District.