Organic Matter isn’t Rubbish

Despite the fact that as a society we deal with trash daily and throughout each day, we don’t always stop to think about what we’re tossing and why we’re tossing it; we just know that it needs to leave permanently because there are other things for us to think about, and well, the end destination of an onion peel, potato chip bag or aluminum can isn’t one of them. But, as designers of Rubbish Renewed and citizens of this planet, the ignorance is waning and the questions are forming into, “Well, what CAN I do with this onion peel, potato chip bag or aluminum can?”

I’m know you’re familiar with the trash can and the recycling bin, but are you familiar with composting? The concept of composting is quite simple: take a variety of organic matter (kitchen scraps, yard clippings, leaves, etc.), pile it in a bin (outdoor or indoor worm bin) and let it decompose into a nutrient dense soil additive to help plants grow healthier. Not only does composting create a great plant food, it diverts a large amount of garbage from the landfills – win/win!

We are currently meeting and planning the 2016 fashion show, and with that we are making revisions of our guidelines to reflect our mission. We realize that we haven’t yet laid down any guidelines regarding entries made of organic matter. Our 2015 Business Challenge winner was actually a dress made of organic matter – leaves that had fallen off of plants were carefully sculpted into a beautiful silhouette. It was a gorgeous creation!  However, what was our first entry made of organic matter will also be our last. The organizers of Rubbish Renewed feel that organic matter isn’t rubbish – organic matter that is compostable should be treated as such. If you’d like to get composting, Deschutes County’s very own RETHINK WASTE has some great ideas and resources to help you compost successfully!

One of the neatest aspects of Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show is the education aspect. It’s so cool that a passion for fashion can open up a conversation that is so much more than a dress and a runway. We hope that you will use Rubbish Renewed as an opportunity to think about your personal trash stream and all the creative ways you can reduce and divert garbage from filling up our landfills.

What aspect of the trash stream has you fired up to learn more about and share with your community?

Warmly, Allison Murphy (RREFS Runway Coordinator & Graphic Designer)

various wastes for composting


2014-2015 Runway Submission Paperwork Posted!

Submission Paperwork now available!

What material will you be exploring for your garment submission in the 5th annual Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show?

Submission deadline: Friday December 5th 2014.

We can’t wait to see how designers will push the creative limits for this year’s show!


5th Annual Info Coming Soon!

We are planning the 5th annual Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show and we know, that by involving your voices, we’ll make it the best ever!

Please take 5 minutes and fill out the short 12 question survey about last year’s show.  Survey found at the link below.

And stay tuned… more information on the 5th annual coming soon!


Thank you!

REALMS raised close to $14,000 from Rubbish Renewed!

photoWe packed the house with over 400 people at each of our two shows, raising close to $14,000 for REALMS’ distinctive education including the arts.  Thank you!!!

This year the show was elevated because of the quality and vision brought by 46 Central Oregon designers (23 of which were students from 9 schools including Highland, Amity, Tumalo Community School, REALMS, Cascade, High Desert, Bend High, Mtn. View, and Summit).  We couldn’t have imagined the amount of support from the community with 21 Sponsors donating essential cash, beverages & services, 9 Business Challenge submission, 11 local vendors who also gave items to the silent auction, and 7 other silent auction contributing businesses. Finally our 60+ dedicated volunteers from organizers, models, clean-up crew and everything in between

With this fundraiser, our students will experience the art and skill of the design and printing processes with our new printing press and photo emulsion screen-printing equipment. They will deepen their sewing and design process with body forms, and continue to have opportunities outside the classroom to strengthen their learning and local community connections.

On behalf of the entire REALMS faculty, board of directors, and students, thank you again for your generosity and support.

2nd Annual is December 8th

Don’t miss the 2011 Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show!

Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show fuses environmental responsibility, funky fashion and community. Join other socially conscious individuals for an evening of sustainable fashion,showcasing styles that the future demands. We invite you to reconsider the value of trash and celebrate the creative, sustainable spirit of Bend.

Rooted in a love of fashion, an appreciation of art and a passion for the planet, Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show is a fundraising event for REALMS Charter School’s Arts Program. An eclectic, wearable art runway show, a live and silent auction, and a gallery-style marketplace (where contributing local artists sell and showcase their work), will showcase how we “fashion” our lives while lessening waste.

REALMS arts education inspires students to share content knowledge through artistic expression that synthesizes experiences and educates others about our world.