Auction Item: Sublimity

Sublimity by The ReStore Design Team


ReStore garment in progress

Sublimity – “It’s the instant when one thing is about to become something else. Day to night, caterpillar to butterfly. Fawn to doe. Experiment to result. Boy to man. – from All the Light We Cannot See

“Have you ever moved through such personal darkness and felt that the weight of your demons might crush you? You hide from the world around you. Perhaps feeling powerless and trapped inside a cloud of garbage. But somehow, you keep moving. And at a crossroads you crack… letting in the possibility that this dark layer does not define who you are! And you open to accept that your demons are your gifts. You release the burden and let go to freedom.”

The ReStore. We build from your gifts.

IMG_0537The design team consists of a group of artistic people who get together, and through trial and error, figure out how to make that piece, work. Brainstorming and ideas change as quick as they come. Their inspiration is the transformation that the ReStore has made in the last year! Trash to Treasure.  The Design Team of Susan Galecki, Kristi Teasdale, Mary Conrad, Karen McMahon, DeeDee Johnson, Paige Shull created their piece out of:  an old judges robe, life vest, fishing poles, roof sheeting material, construction fencing, old car sun block shades, scrap fabric out of the trash, discarded Mylar balloons, broken Christmas decorations, used spray paints, and miscellaneous garbage.

The ReStore has donated to the Rubbish Renewed Fundraising Live Auction each year they have participated! Their garments, always the most creative, use unusual materials that inspire diverse creations. This year is no exception. Enjoy this sneak peak into their piece and process, and bid to own this Trash to Treasure!