2016 STUDENT RUNWAY – Heaven McArthur

Photos by Heaven McArthur

2016 Student Designers on the Runway


WANDERLUST  Designer/Model: Lily McNabb  Materials: old maps and dog food bags  School: Bend High


SNOWDAY  Designer: Trinyde Fitzgerald  Model: Charyde Fitzgerald  Materials: Mt Bachelor passes, used foam paper  School: REALMS


A LANDFILL FAIRYTALE  Designer: Ruby Tappan & McKenzie Lattig  Model: Ruby Tappan  Materials: popped Beach ball, plastic bags, bottle caps, old fishing line, thread, variety of plastic materials for the construction of the flowers  School: Cascades Academy


SHINY & BRIGHT  Designer/Model: Jessica Browning  Materials: cut up paper cups and silver foam insulation lining  School: Bend High School


FRUITY TUTUI  Designer/Model: Fiona Wright  Materials: fruit bags and netting, potato sacks, newspaper bags, flour sacks  Quote: “I grew up in Kenya where everything gets reused for something. Seeing all the colorful fruit bags here in the USA, I wanted to make something out of them.”  School: Seven Peaks


DISCARDED  Designer/Model: Audrey Leask  Materials: Gift Cards, chip bags, zip ties  School: REALMS


MATH SWEET MATH  Designers: Sky View Middle School Group  Model: Nicole Henry Materials: discarded paint samples, broken umbrella, old math book covers headed to the trash, old ties, candy wrappers, netting from bags of oranges



THE SEASONS  Designer/Models: Maggie Pierce – Fall & Tatum Huegal – Winter  Materials: Fall – used packing paper, discarded cloth napkins; Winter – Tin foil, discarded curtains, pipe cleaners, scrap fabric  School: REALMS


THE SEASONS  Designers/Models: Lilah Beck – Spring Violet Loftus – Summer  Materials: Spring – Plastic table cloth, cellophane, popped pool, Easter grass Summer – half a floaty and 2 beach balls  School: REALMS


PAINTING THE ROSES  Designers/Model: Olivia Barnes  Materials: Discarded playing cards, Poker chips, old dress/fabric, wire  School: Pilot Butte Middle School


2ND THOUGHTS  Designers: Samantha Spear  Model: Hannah Massey  Materials: Paper and old fabric scraps  School: Pacific Crest Middle School


Designer/Model: Manhattan Wood


80’s STEAM PUNK REDO  Designer/Model: Annika Olsen  Materials: old wedding dress/other second hand clothing/misc, bubble wrap  School: REALMS


A LIFE TIME  Designer/Model: Ashlie Jackson  Materials: VCR tape, Old Family photos, Old couch cover  School: Ridgeview High


RIMROCK TIBET  Designer/Model: Becky Knight  Materials: Discarded “Community/Prayer” Flags  School: REALMS


THE UNWRAPPED DRESS  Designer/Model: Zoie Kuhn   Materials: wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons, and a garbage bag   School: Amity Creek


SERENITY  Designer: Ella Cook & Scout Gesuale  Model: Matea Gesuale  Materials: Woven magazine pages & worn out yoga mat  School: REALMS


BEAUTY & THE BOTTLE CAP BEAU  Designer: Cascades Academy Confluence Elective Models: Max Nye & Audrey Wallace  Materials: Patio umbrella, bottle caps, greenhouse plastic, bike inner tubes, CDs, torn bed sheet


THE LOST BOOKS  Designer: Kaitlin Yoemans With the help from: Ella Billiter, Abby Gulickson, & Janie house  Model: Janie Howes   Materials: recycled book covers Tape tank top/under garment   School: Pacific Crest Middle School


RECRASHED  Designer: Jackson Perryman & Emmy Warner Model: Emmy Warner Materials: Car seat leather, seat belts, CDs, Seat belt copper  School: REALMS


1st Show Final Walk