2017 Adult Designers on the Runway

Photographers indicated on photos

Nick Kealey, Dan Galecki, Joe Kline/Bulletin

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Now You See It 

Designer: Hailey Kavanagh   Model: Marley Weedman

Materials: Wrappings from arms of eyeglasses, Old Prom Dress, Eyeglass arms

News and Nature

Designer: Megan Brauer & Katie Noyed    Model: Megan Brauer

Materials: Newspaper, glue, string, and paint

Date Shirt

Designers/Model: Dee Ford Potter  

Materials: Strips of food bags

Girls Don’t JUST Wanna Have Fun, They Also Want To Save The World!

Designer: Teafly Peterson & Zoie Kuhn    Model: Katie Sox

Materials: phone books, DVDs, trucker hats, c-Pap tubing, sketchbook Pages, dud prints

Fringe Benefits

Designer: Allison Murphy   Model: Sasha Lawless

Materials: outdated packaging from a local business

Neoprene Ninja Nightlife

Designer: Karen Holm    Model: Dee Dee Johnson

Materials: Neoprene (trashed pfd, holey rash guard, discarded chairlift butt protector)


Designer: Lizzie Katz   Model: Moey Newbold

Materials: Discarded banner, discarded purse, climbing gear webbing, Bread clips

The Veiled Raven

Designers: Karlin Hedin & Sara Bella    Model: Whitney Penington

Materials: Plastic bags, mesh, bubble wrap

Foil Gaga Ra Ra Ra

Designer: Allison Murphy   Model: Cait Ford

Materials: inside out cat food bags


Designer: Harriet Langmas   Model: Patti Peterson

Materials: Fabric scraps

Mod Squad

Designer: Jean Bartos   Model: Amanda Studdard

Materials: Woven drycleaner bags

Evening Gown by NEDA

Designers/Model: Katie Noyed

Materials: Weight loss ads, fashion magazines, old fabric

Old Soles

Designer: Caleb & Martha Campbell   Model: Janet Lansburgh

Materials: retired climbing rope & shoe soles

Tag You’re It

Designer: Hailey Kavanagh   Model: Tamara Tennison

Materials: Reused t-shirt fabric and retail clothing tags

Funky Nassua

Designer: Karen Holm   Model: Tony Gierszewski

Materials: Zippers, and hospital waste reused to shop rags

Skinny Ski Skin Chic

Designer: Karen Holm   Model: Jess Lawro

Materials: discarded climbing skin

Sitting Room Walking

Designer: Allison Murphy  Model: Laura Purdy

Materials: Old couch


Designers: Base High Fiber Institute workshop, embellished by the Bend Community

Model: Molly Grove (REALMS Science Teacher)

Materials: Construction Fence, flower arrangement wires, woven mill ends, drybag, CDs