2017 Business Challenge Gallery

2017 Business Challenge on the Runway

Photographers indicated on photos

Nick Kealey, Dan Galecki, Paula Bullwinkel

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NATURAL EDGE FURNITURE:  Lost a Bet   Designer: Mallory Queen   Model: Keelan O’Brien   Materials: spent sanding and grinding pads (150 sanding pads per leg to be exact)

BBT ARCHITECTS:  Frockometry     Designers: Sherry Jako, Renee Alexander, Martha McNall, Julie Still     Model: Sherry Jako     Materials: upholstery samples and plastic laminate chips destined for the landfill

BISHOPS BARBERSHOP: Royal Reclamation    Designers: Sam Berroth & Kascey Cochran  Model: Shannon Thomas  Materials: old wallpaper, magazines, beer cans, old cape and color tube and product jar accessories

THE MOTO SHOP: Burning Rubber   Designer: Tiina McDermott   Model: Tracy Giordano   Materials: motocross inner tubes

MT BACHELOR: Corporate Shredders   Designers: Martha Jeffers and Denise Ellington   Model: Andie Elston   Materials: discarded vinyl banners, old table clothes, used fit bit straps, used lift tickets

ATLAS CIDER NW to the Core   Designer: Panambi Elliott   Model: Hannah Leigh Tarrant Materials: defective cans, bottle tops, keg tops and Atlas Cider bottle carrying bag.

GIANT LOOP: Born to be Wild   Designer: Marya Stearns   Model: Maya Cecil & Jay Stalker (first show) Wendy Daniels & Jay Stalker (2nd show)   Materials: Made of packing paper, salvaged paint from event crafts.

RESTORE: Modern Mosaic   Designer: Brenda Jackson, DeeDee Johnson, Paige Shull, Catalina Frank, Kristi Teasdale   Model: Paige Shull   Materials: outdated 80’s canvas painting, plastic door strips, spent cash register rolls, an old hoop shirt, and corset into a ball gown