Photos by Nick Kealey

2017 Student Designers on the Runway

“Cap”ture a Rainbow
Designer: Pine Ridge Green Team
Models: Molly Kohn & Lola Jasper
Materials: Mesh soccer net destined for the landfill, 700 caps, used scraps of yarn from 15 years of teaching
School: Pine Ridge Elementary

Radioactive Rebuild
Designer: Riley Ahmuty, Matea Gesuale & Iris Griztner
Model: Riley Ahmuty
Materials: Tyvek, copper wiring, radiation mask
School: REALMS

The Realms Revolution
Designer/Model: Holiday Barnes
Materials: Bottle caps, used paper, pet food bags, feathers, old elastic, corks, wood, old pants, lanyard plastic lacing, thread, and old hairband.
School: REALMS

Simply Math
Designer/Model: Jessica Browning
Materials: old tee shirt and skirt for base, math homework and string
School: Bend High School

Magazine Masterpiece
Designer/Model: Lily McNabb
Materials: National Geographic magazines
School: Bend High

Designers: Aja & Kianna Kogan & Alice McKnight
Model: Aja Kogan
Materials: popped inner tube, popped kiddie pool
School: REALMS

Ice & Fire Warriors
Designer: Amelia Johnson, Lily Eckert, Bailey Dwill & Taylor Martin
Models: Taylor Martin & Amelia Johnson
Materials: reused plastics and paper materials
Pacific Crest Middle School


Sea a Better Future
Designer/Model: Lilah Beck
Materials: Old broken shower curtain, used falling apart twine, CDs, old tent fly
School: REALMS

Jazzed Up
Designers/Model: Hailey Kavanagh
Materials: Encyclopedia of Jazz
Mountain View High School

Movie Night
Designer/Model: Adah Burket
Materials: Wrappers
Pacific Crest Middle School

Family Ties
Designers/Model: India Slodki
Materials: Discarded Ties
Cascade Middle School

Fashion Headline
Designer: McKenzie Lattig
Model: Sasha Schotthoefer
Materials: newspaper, cardboard, sheet plastic
Cascades Academy

Starts With…
Designer/Model: Becky Knight
Materials: 70’s teaching supplies
School: REALMS

No Fear Your In Gear
Designer: Stormie Peverell & Ella Cook
Models: Stormie Peverell
Materials: bike inner tubes, gears, bike helmet visor, bike chains
School: REALMS

Singin’ In the Rain
Designers/Model: Grace Deke
Materials: Umbrella pieces, newspaper bags, thread, and old waist band
Pacific Crest Middle School

Support Our Troops
Designer: Jaelle Chambers
Model: Jaelle Chambers
Materials: Worn out waders & tent, rescued bubble wrap, scavenged car seat cover
School: REALMS

The Paper Magician
Designer: Ivy Phillips, Ruby Tien, Neve Brandow, Fiona Young
Model: Ivy Phillips
Materials: Paper & plastic
School: Cascades Academy

Drip Dry
Designers/Model: Snow Tapper
Materials: discarded retail packaging rafting/backcountry waterproof storage bags, sun-worn utility rope that lost its tension strength, ancient wetsuit shorts decommissioned life jackets
Schools: REALMS

The Polar Plead
Designers: Coral Reed & Fiona Wright
Models: Coral Reed & Fiona Wright
Materials: fabric scrap, used wall paper, window screen
Miller elementary & 7 peaks

Game On!
Designers/Model: Manhattan Wood Materials: Old Playing Card, Old Dominos, An Old Chess Piece
School: Cascades Academy

All Tied Up
Designer/Model: Madeline Wooster
Materials: Discarded Ties
Cascade Middle School

Designer: Izabella Robles
Model: Riley Chubb
Materials: Plastic Grocery Bags
School: Redmond Proficiency Academy