Photos by Joy Mitsui

2018 Adult Designers on the Runway

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Designer: Hailey Kavanagh   Model: Marley Weedman

Materials: Rescued swim liner, Shell light fixture, privacy screen medallions.


Solar Eclipse

Designer & Model: Katie Noyed

Materials: discarded dress, Christmas wrapping paper, black paint and sequins.



Designer & Model: Sarah Stahl

Materials: Bread and food bag plastic clips, plastic mesh net food bags, leftover radio wire for dog fencing.



Designer: Izabella Robles   Model: Melanie

Materials: Curtain leaves, air mattress.


Clothes For The Open Road

Designer: Allison Murphy   Model: Jenny Johnson

Materials: Old pop-up tent


Hip Cape

Designer & Model: Dee Ford Potter

Materials: Window blinds, champagne foil, toilet brush container, chopsticks.


Silver Lining

Designer: Brenda Jackson  Model: Catalina Frank

Materials: Torn and discarded yard umbrellas.


Chiquita Banana

Designer: Denise Oldridge  Model: Jennifer Rynning

Materials: Coffee bags, water bottles, egg cartons.


Junk Drawer Couture

Designer & Model: Martha Campbell

Materials: Sail boat sail, inflatable sleeping pads, para cord scraps, miscellaneous junk.


Blinded By The Light

Designers: Judy Fuentes  Model: Monet Biancucci

Materials: Broken blind, candy wrappers, chopsticks.



Designer: Hailey Kavanagh    Model: Sarah Joyce

Materials: Hand curled sheet music, repurposed wedding petticoat and bra.


Mad Magazine Paper Two Piece

Designer: Sarah Viles   Model:  Eliza Perkins

Materials: Vintage 1980s Mad magazines, Modpodge, and chain. Trimmed with rosary beads from Jerusalem and Italy.



Designer: Heidi Lamb  Model:  Kristen Chandler

Materials: Cardboard and glue.


Mountain Splendor

Designer: Ruby Swanson  Model:  Ariel Jaspers

Materials: Old wool blanket, yarn, leather, yard debris.


Love Your Body

Designer: Katie Noyed   Model:  Katie Noyed

Materials: Recycled t-shirts, weight loss ads, recycled tool fabric.


Perfect Package

Designer: Mayra Stearns   Model: Nancy Endter

Materials: packaging, drop cloth and produce netting



Designer: Karen Holm  Model: Aubrey Martens

Materials: Ties and old curtain


Kelp Woman, the First Wife of Klisalagilakw

Designer: Karen Holm  Model: Jess Lawro

Materials: Film Strips used as intermediary step from slides to video disc