2018 Business Challenge Gallery

Photographs by:

Joy Mitsui


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Chain, Chain, Chain             Business: Restore

Designer: Brenda Jackson, Marianne Fellner, David Graham       Model: DeeDee Johnson
Materials: Salvaged leather from torn chair, used circular saw blades, misc. chain and washers


Denim-rys Targaryen             Business: Utilitusew

Designer: Allison Murphy       Model: Laura purdy
Materials: Piles of Scrap denim


Bromiliacea Gaia Amazonica                  Business: Moonfire and Sun

Designer: Simone kujak       Model: Beth Corder
Materials: traveling pottery protectors, unusable plant tags, old product banner


Justice for Jewelry                  Business: Silverado Jewelry Gallery

Designers: Shayna Kendrick & Brooke Gates      Model: Shana Kendrick
Materials: linen jewelry bags, broken chains, packing materials, and in house paper waste


Living Well Perfected                  Business: Pronghorn

Designers: Andria Zippler, Merrilee Stavern, Kristi Russ, Sarah Degrez, Mikaela Ell

Model: Mikaela Ellens, Kristi Russ

Materials: Recycle- glass, plastic, cans Carpooling Reuse- water on golf courses


BBTea                Business: BBT Architects

Designer & Model: Sherry Jako   
Materials: Tea Labels and strings


Business: Atlas Cider

Designer: Stacy Simpson       Model: Amanda Wright
Materials: Cardboard