2018 Student Runway Gallery – Joy Mitsui

Photos by Joy Mitsui

2018 Student Designers on the Runway

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Dream on Fire

Designer: Denali Heinlein – Summit High School  Model: Emma Carlson

Materials: Ripped magazines, old sheets with burn holes


Proud to Be Female & Pad Wrapper Princess

Designers & Models: Holiday Barnes & Ava TeAl – Realms Middle School

Materials: Pad wrappers, yogurt containers, 100-year-old elastic, ties and shoelaces


Scrap Suspenders

Designer & Model: Gabriela Shirtcliff –Pacific Crest Middle School

Materials: Plastic banner material, packaging foam, broken CDs, shredded gym uniforms, newspaper, plastic packaging, old trucker hat.


Wading Down the Runway

Designer & Model: Soli Lachman – Realms Middle School

Materials: Wader leather, old CDs, denim.


Seashore Dress

Designer & Model: Macy Brandt – Highland Elementary School

Materials: plastic produce bags, bottle caps, mesh bags


Color Outside

Designer & Model: Alice McKnight – Bend High School

Materials: crayon and marker boxes, used chart paper, copy paper wrappers, butcher paper.


A Trip to Jupiter

Designer: Adin Lyders  Model: Sasha Schotthoefer – Cascades Academy

Materials: Old ripped sheets, computer cords, cardboard, sticky carpet mesh, science fair poster.


CLIF Bar Energy!

Designer & Model: Fiona Wright – Realms Middle School

Materials: CLIF Bar wrappers, velcro.


Plastic Ocean

Designer & Model: Jessica Browning – Bend Senior High School

Materials: Plastic bags, plastic and ropes found on the beach.



Designer & Model: Eloise Flanagan – Realms Middle School

Materials: Aluminum cans, wine corks, string.


Plastic Angel

Designer: Eva Junkin & Stella Totland  Model: Fiona Callaghan – Cascades Academy

Materials: Plastic bags, white mesh.


The Power of Cheetos

Designer: Carson Hohengarten  Model: Kodi Hauswald – Realms Middle School

Materials: Cheeto bags.


Pacific Plastic

Designer: McKenzie Lattig   Model: Ruby Tappan – Cascades Academy

Materials: Old greenhouse groundcover tarp, tangerine bag netting, used shoelaces.


The Classic Look

Designer: Ella Leonard  Model: Harper Rich – Realms Middle School

Materials: Plastic bags, nail polish, flip-flops.



Designer & Model: Matea Gesuale – Realms Middle School

Materials: Webbing, drier sheets.


Something to Chew On

Designer: Devon Lizza  Model: Grace Bengtston – Bend Senior High School

Materials: Gum wrappers, tissue paper, one old shoelace.


Barnyard Ball Gown

Designer & Model: Payton Hornell – Realms Middle School

Materials: Bale twine, Alpaca food bags.



Designers: Lily Mcnabb  Models: Libby McKnight – Bend Senior High School

Materials: Snow tire bags, inner tubes.


It MATters

Designers & Models: Coral Reed & Iris Gritzner – Realms Middle School

Materials: Yoga mat, bath mat, Caprisun containers, webbing from a basket.


A Day in the Sun!

Designer & Model: Zoie Kuhn – Realms Middle school

Materials: Popped pool & popped yoga ball



Designers: Denton & Brody Wright  Model: Brody Wright – Bend High School and Pilot Butte Middle School

Materials: Old Tarp, up-scaled cotton strips.


Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice

Designer & Model: Beryl Isenberg – Pacific Crest Middle School

Materials: Candy wrappers, clear plastic sheeting.


It All Adds Up

Designer & Model: India Slodki – Cascade Middle School

Materials: Math text book covers, recycled fabric.


Perfect Package

Designer: Mayra & Paloma Stearns  Model: Paloma Stearns –  Realms Middle School

Materials: packaging, drop cloth and produce netting



Designers: Bend Community and Rubbish Renewed Elective

Model: Phoebe (REALMS HumanitiesTeacher)

Materials: Aluminum cans, “Minty Blaster” refuse, old tent, and old skirt.