2019 Adult Designers on the Runway

Photos By: She Photography’s Suzette hibble (more 2019 photos for Purchase)

& Jazmine Turner Photography’s Mindy J Turner (more 2019 photos for Purchase)

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Community Garment

Bend Community

Organic Transfusion

Designer: Tiina McDermott & Zoey Lane    Model: Jesse Zenor

Materials: Motocross inner tubes

Pretty in Plastic – Auction Item!

Designer: Heidi Lamb    Model: Kristin Chandler

Materials: plastic bags and plastic packaging

A Musical Gem

Designer & Model: DeeDee Johnson

Materials: CD’s, old buttons and single earrings and lost jewelry pieces, torn thrift store dress

Raven – Auction Item!

Designer: Erin Donnell   Model: Melanie Ruby

Materials: discarded vinyl couch covering, feed bags, laundry soap jug, black shrink wrap

Dance with the World

Designer & Model: Aspen Lowe

Materials: National Geographic’s, old sheet, old leggings, livestock grain bags

Comfort and Scandal

Designer: Ruby Swanson   Model: Ariel Jasper

Materials: old flannel sheets, old nightgown lace, satin ribbon from blanket packaging

Ready for Adventure

Designers: Karen Holm Model: Karen Cammack

Materials: Old tent and dry bags

Queen of the K-9s  – Auction Item!

Designer: Denise Oldridge   Model: Makeala Oldridge

Materials: Dog Beds, dog collars/leash, belt, tops of Curtain rod

Joy of Socks

Designer: Carla Holm   Model: Rebecca Franklin

Materials: Miscellaneous discarded socks

The Discarded Curtain Wedding Dress

Designer: Harriet Langmas   Model: Jenna App

Materials: Discarded curtains from over 150 years

Be Kind, Rewind!

Designer: Mayra Stearns   Model: Nancy Endter

Materials: VCR tapes discarded signage. All found in in a construction dumpster

Walk This Way

Designer: Meg Knight   Model: Mimi Lopour

Materials: men’s socks, vintage buttons, old thread and ribbon and carpet padding

Loading Hot

Designers: Janet Lansburgh & Martha Campbell   Model: Hooper Boone

Materials: retired nylon parachutes

The Mountains are Calling, so I Must Dress Up!

Designer: Allison Murphy   Model: Laura Purdy

Materials: tent windows, mesh, and fabric from broken tents

Medicine Womyn: Herstory of the Wild West

Designer & Model: Tenley Wallace

Materials: all vintage, 2nd-hand, up-cycled garments, notions, & accessories