2019 Business Challenge Gallery

2019 Business Challenge on the Runway

Photos By: She Photography’s Suzette hibble (more 2019 photos for Purchase)

& Jazmine Turner Photography’s Mindy J Turner (more 2019 photos for Purchase)

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Moonfire & Sun’s Broken, but not Shattered”

Designer: Simone Kujak   Model: Phoebe Schaab

Materials: garden waste – broken pottery, burlap, rubber bands from pottery packaging

Lonza’s “Rubbish Royalty”

Designers: Kari Martinez, Kat Bergman, Melany Fry, Alf Humphrey and Rob West

Models: Jessica Scalise, Joseph Churchman, Priscaia Scalise

Materials: Old Banners, and Packaging

Giant Loop’s “Zip It!”

Designer: Michelle Handford  Model: Sydney Scott, Karen

Materials: obsolete zippers, webbing, assorted buckles and reflective ribbon tape

Big Foot Beverage’s “Enjoyed to the Fullest”

Designers: DeeDee Johnson   Model: Catalina Frank

Materials: beverage packaging

ReStore’s “Flippin’ Elegant

Designers: Susan Galeck, Kristi Teasdale, Patty Baragona, Brenda Jackson   Model: Kristi Teasdale

Materials: Discarded stuff

Brave Collective’s “The Red Onion—from the Portland Food Bank”

Designers: Jen Riker and Therese Langley   Model: Jen Riker

Materials: plastic red mesh onion bags and labels

Bend Velo’s Raven Warrior”

Designer: Karen Holm    Model: Jess Lawro

Materials: Popped bike inner tubes

BBT Architects’ “Shape the Future”

Designers: BBT Architects Inc   Model: Sherry Jako

Materials: Discarded business cards after rebranding

Barrio’s “Salva al Toro (Save the Bull)”

The 2019 Winner of the Business Challenge Coveted Trash Trophy!

Designers: Paris Draheim Model: Paris Draheim

Material: plastic straws from empty margaritas, Paella rice bags