2019 Student Runway Gallery

2019 Student Designers on the Runway

Photos By: She Photography’s Suzette hibble (more 2019 photos for Purchase)

& Jazmine Turner Photography’s Mindy J Turner (more 2019 photos for Purchase)

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3 Candy Angels

Designers & Models: Devon Stevens, Avaline Theford, Ruby Fletcher

Materials: Candy wrappers School: Amity Creek

Reconstructing Fashion

Designer & Model: Holiday Barnes

Materials: Construction tarps/lumber wrapSchool: Realms Middle School

Save the Date

Designer & Model: Alice McKnight

Materials: calendars, rug cover, old ribbon   School: Bend High School

Honeycomb Queen

Designer and Model: Harper Rich

Materials: Honeycomb blinds, trampoline mat, camping tent window mesh, marzipan candy wrappers   School: Realms Middle School

School Spirit

Designer/Model: Amanda Bowers

Materials: old cross-country jerseys   School: Cascade Middle School

Shoot for Your Goals

Designer/Model: Ellie Hoiness

Materials: Soccer balls, old shirt under garment   School: Realms Middle School

Breaking News

Designer: Twyla Wayman    Model: Louisa Lamarre

Materials: old newspapers, fabric scraps, discarded wrapping paper School: Cascades Academy

La-Croix Butterfly

Designers: Marley Foster-Wexler   Model: Quinn Schade

Materials: La-Croix packagingSchool: Realms Middle School


Designer & Model: Vinna Ottaviano

Materials: Egg Cartons   School: Bend Senior High School

Waste of the Water

Designer & Model: Matea LaFrenz

Materials: old shower curtain, assorted plastic product bags    School: Realms Middle School

Take Me Out

Designers & Model: Aja Kogan

Materials: Take out boxes & chopsticks    School: Summit High School

Dumpsters & Dragons

Designer & Model: Soren Chopra

Materials: pop can tabs, old car seat fabric, discarded carpet pad    School: Realms Middle School

The Memorabilia of the Patchwork Princess

Designer & Model: Noelani Anderson

Materials: Repurposed old skirts, baby blanket, T-SHirts, pajamas, leg warmers, dad’s pants, Plastic beads & buttons School: Realms High School

Rain or Shine

Designer & Model: Coral Reed

Materials: old sun tent, umbrella, jean denim, candy wrappers     School: Realms Middle School

!Fruity and Fabulous!

Designer & Model: Loa Minsker

Materials: Fruit by the foot paper roles, fruit by the foot wrappers, old cloth   School: Silver Rail Elementary

Mythical Whimsical Bags

Designer & Model: Sophie Singer

Materials: old sheets, produce bags, mesh net, bottle capsSchool: Realms Middle School

Brace Yourself

Designer & Model: Kiana Kogan

Materials: defective custom back brace, ripped tent fly School: Summit High School

Diabetic Warrior

Designer: Soli Lachman   Model: Abby Lachman

Materials: diabetic waste School: Realms Middle School


Designer & Model: Jessica Browning

Materials:plastic Ziplock bags, chip bags   School: Bend Senior High School

Steam Punk Spectrum

Designers: Louisa Lamarre, Chloe Harris, Lucy Mullins   Model: Lucy Mullins

Materials: Old Newspaper, Bubble wrap, marker caps from dead markers, film, cardboard, curtain liners, & fabric scrapsSchool: Cascades Academy


Designer & Model: Lily Mcnabb

Materials: college mail     School: Bend Senior High School

Construction Corazón

Designer & Model: Gabriela Shirtcliff

Materials: Construction fencing, plastic packaging, tube feeding formula boxes  School: Summit High School

A Latte Brew-tiful K-cups

Designer & Model: Devon Lizza

Materials: K-cups, plastic Bags, old bike tire     School: Bend Senior High School