2015 Adult Runway

Photos by Tambi Lane Photography

2015 Adult Designers on the Runway

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RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6600 copy

Infanta Paparazzi (auction item – sold)
Designer: Paula Bullwinkel
Materials: Pink chiffon curtains, discarded xeroxes of photos, reconstructed pink promdress

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6139 copy

Oil Wells that Ends Well
Designer: Barb Campbell
Materials: Plastic packaging

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6475 copy

The “Tentalizing” Tarpaulin (auction item – sold)
Designer: Karen Holm
Materials: Old blue tarps – twined, netted, and woven

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6957 copy

Bouchons et en Plastique (auction item – sold)
Designer: Denise Oldridge
Materials: plastic grocery bags crocheted & wine corks

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6235 copy

Wild Warrior Dog Woman (auction item – sold)
Designer: Simone Kujak
Materials: Bird feed bags

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-7052 copy

City Chic (auction item – sold)
Designer: Karlin Hedin
Materials: Fused plastic bags, discarded easy-up nylon tent

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6146 copy

Little Red Writing Hood
Designer: Wendy Norwood Pierce
Materials: Students’ rough drafts, scholastic magazines & pencils

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6172 copy

Serial (auction item – sold – sold)
Designer: Kelly Powell
Materials: Fused plastic bags

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6728 copy

Record Label
Designer: Kassy Windus
Materials: Records, VHS & Cassette tape, old mixing board, RCA cables

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6661 copy

1965 Miss Crater Lake
Designer: Dee Ford Potter
Materials: 1960’s old worn hotel/lodge sheets, and garbage bags

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6626 copy

True Contours
Designer: Karen Holm
Materials: slide sleeves & topo maps

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6636 copy

Crown Royal Country
Designer: Cindy Roberts
Materials: Crown Royal whiskey bags & 2nd hand clothes

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6588 copy

Bend Community Garment
Designer: The Bend Community (structure by REALMS students & KH)
Materials: 1950’s discarded curtains, tin can tops & community sustainability pledges

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6974 copy

Homage A Ricard: Armor Against AIDS (auction item – sold)
Designer: Kyla Milane
Materials: Photo negatives, slides, cassette tape

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6718 copy

“Dolly Wants to Dance”
Designer: Stuart Breidenstein & Abby Cakes
Materials: Discarded dolls, patio umbrulla

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6681 copy

Granny Square Gown
Designer: Heidi Lamb
Materials: Discarded, crocheted afghans

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6646 copy

Urban Samurai
Designer: Nicole Cuddihy
Materials: Soda cans, painter drop cloths, produce netting

RubbishRenewed_Runway_2015-6652 copy

Stay Toastie at the Game
Designer: Ruby Swanson
Materials: Vintage wool blanket