Auction Garment: All Decked Out

All Decked Out  By Tiina McDermott & Zoey Lane
Designer: Tiina McDermott & Zoe Lane Materials: Skate board parts

Designer: Tiina McDermott & Zoe Lane
Materials: Skate board parts

The piece that I have co-created with Zoey is made from skateboard decks and bearings all recycled from Aspect Boards and Brews. We have named this piece ‘All Decked Out!’  I worked with Zoey Lane creating and designing this two-piece top and skirt with a belt of bearings.  A big part of doing this challenge, is knowing that I am being creative using math and art in order to bring this idea to fruition. Along with the involvement of some amazing folks, thanks to Bill Leppert for having saws and drills, being sustainable is a big part of the lifestyle I practice and the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show allows me to feel like I am part of a bigger involvement with this movement.  Zoey and I collaborated on this piece, starting with throwing around ideas that soon evolved into our design.  She is a fabulous artist and I had the opportunity to work with a different medium and co-create this piece for the Business Challenge, so I took it.  I have influences from skateboarding since I was young; to get to create a design from this medium was a great challenge and lots of fun.”

RubbishRenewed_2015_sm-5406Tiina is originally from Canada and moved a great deal throughout her childhood.  As an adult she found herself growing roots here in Bend, Oregon.  Currently living here with her daughter and old dog, Tiina continues her education and love for outdoor adventures.  As an artist, she has evolved in this nurturing environment, for the quest to lessen her footprint. Bicycle and dirt bike inner tubes are her first choice of mediums to design her jewelry and accessories. These allow her to meet each of her new designs with freedom and flexibility.  See her work on etsy at IndieKulture.

Photos by Tambi Lane Photography

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