Auction Item: Infanta Paparazzi

Infanta Paparazzi  By Paula Bullwinkel
Designer: Paula Bullwinkel Materials: Old Curtain & photo photocopies

Designer: Paula Bullwinkel
Materials: Old Curtain & photo photocopies

“This piece is created from flowing pink chiffon lady curtains, copies of black and white photographs (mostly original portraits taken by me over 20 years,  and a few reproductions of famous drawings used for inspiration), an old deconstructed pink prom dress, and glue.  The photos were made for editing for a website awhile ago and, being copies, were trash.  With this outfit I created a warrior queen of my memories.”

RubbishRenewed_2015_sm-5197When Paula Bullwinkel isn’t designing couture trash fashion, she works as an artist and art instructor at COCC.  Her design aesthetic is inspired by Japanese couture from the 1980’s and 1990’s, and 1950’s party dresses. Paula get’s the human form, and from this, transforms the materials she uses into an extension of the wearer. From finding extra stuff around her house, she imagines something new out of something old or mundane.


2 thoughts on “Auction Item: Infanta Paparazzi

  1. Fabulous, Paula …………..You have out done yourself. Truly
    very creative and definitely from a pretend, fairy world.
    Love you, Mom

  2. Paula, what a display of your imaginative dramatic design and craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing your hard work and gifts. Love, your brother Clay

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