Auction Item: Serial

Serial  By Kelly Powell
Designer: Kelly Powell Materials: Fused plastic bags

Designer: Kelly Powell
Materials: Fused plastic bags

“I always have some goals in mind when I design a dress for the Rubbish Renewed Show. Most importantly, I want to create a piece that is ‘wearable’ outside of the fashion show. I love to think that when people see something I’ve made they say to themselves, ‘I would totally wear that.’ Also, I don’t want fashion show attendees to automatically think of recycling when they see my dress. I’d rather they think that my piece is fun, cute, stylish, and then remember that it’s made from stuff I pulled out of the garbage.”

“I made this Cocktail Dress using fused plastic bags to create a decorative fringe affixed to a fabric dress lining. The name, ‘Serial’ comes from my binge listening to the Podcast ‘Serial’ while working on the majority of the dress.”

Kelly Powell 1“Coming up with an idea for the show each year allows me a creative outlet I enjoy. Between carpools, sport practices, and my part-time work at Bend Park and Recreation, there is little time left for my crafty side. I’m most happy when I’m involved with something creative. I can’t really say that I have a plan each year when dreaming up my next fashion show project. Sometimes I see the trash first, and find a way to work it into a piece. Other times, it’s the design of the dress that calls to me, and I find the garbage to make it happen. I’m always on the look out for vibrant colors, interesting textures, and unique features of trash. I never know when I will make the connection.” 


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